A weekend full of events including this month’s Ruckus!

24 Feb

Wow! This last weekend in February is one for the books.

We’d love to remind everyone about a set of events starting tomorrow night and through Sunday that bring Queer art to the forefront in our very own New York City. All of these events feature powerhouse artists and take unique looks at several forms of Queer art being born right now.  We’re happy to be in such good company this weekend.

If you’re here for details about this month’s Ruckus, please click here for all of the relevant info (Ruckus is this Saturday at 7pm at Bluestockings). And you can RSVP on the facebook invite by clicking here.

Here’s a quick list of other events going on this weekend that you might want to check out:

– Friday 2/25 at 7pm @ Bluestockings: Queer Span(gl)ish Art/Arte Queer en Span(gl)ish

– Saturday 2/26 at 8pm @ The LGBT Center: Queer Memoir (This event is concurrent with Ruckus this month and we’re fully supporting the event and wishing we could also be there. If you can make one or both, don’t miss out. We send our love to the Queer Memoir family).

– Sunday 2/27 at 4pm @ Verlaine: Bough Breaks Launch and Gender Outlaws Reading Party!

So if you want to take yourself or a sweetie on a thought-provoking, community-filled, and inspiring date, check out one of these events. And if you have questions about Ruckus or any other goings-on in the Queer art/lit scene this weekend, feel free to contact us!


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